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Vision of Software Engineering Research Center (SERC) is to promote quality software development at university and Industry by providing tools and techniques, to operate closely with Industry solving real life problems and to provide research platform for start-ups.

Gamily: Gamification Platform for All and Beyond

Research Area
Gamification in Software Engineering
Gamification, Architectural Framework, Tool Evaluation, User Engagement, Domain Specific Language
Technology Description
Software engineering related activities like code reviews, change management, knowledge management, issue tracking, etc. tend to be heavily process oriented. Gamification of such activities by composing the core activities with game mechanics like badges and points can increase developers interest in performing such activities. While there are various frameworks and applications that assist in gamification, its a tedious task to generate new game instances. Our extensible framework facilitates simple ways to add any or all of the desired game mechanics there by improving easiness of gamifying applications. A domain specific language (DSL) is also developed for interfacing between the framework and the gamification experts. The DSL can also be used for configurations changes, and designing new games via DSL to abstract out coding challenges.
Type of Work
Software system
Current State of work
Technology designed and implemented
Potential Applications
1. Improving software engineering processes in IT sector. For e.g. Keeping the employees more engaged and interested in their day to day work, by awarding points on their work, and making the work fun to do and friendly competition. 2. Productivity enhancement due to improved user retention and engagement in softwares by gamification
Related Publications
1. Impact of Gamification on Code review process: An Experimental Study, ISEC 2017 2. Architecting an extensible framework for Gamifying Software Engineering concepts, ISEC 2016.