Robotics Research Center

Robotics Research Center (RRC) is internationally and nationally recognized for its contributions in the areas of robotic vision, ground and aerial robots and in design of novel robotic mechanisms. The center has significantly advanced the state of the art in the areas of understanding and reconstructing dynamic scenes with monocular and stereo cameras, vision guided perception and navigation for drones, trajectory planning, mechanism design and autonomous navigation in general.

Humanoid Robot

Research Area
Motion Planning
Humanoid Robot, Wholebody Motion Planning
Technology Description
This work is in the field of whole body motion planning based on inverse dynamics and impedance based walking and whole body control. This work is novel in the sense of development of whole body motion pattern generation strategies with momentum based control and also validating the results with real humanoid prototype. Highly unstructured nature of urban search and rescue (USAR) environments imposes strict challenges on robot mobility, communications, mapĀ­ building, and situation awareness. With this whole body motion planning it will be possible to develop a rescue robot with legs and plan its motion. This work could be extended for prosthetic leg design and study of a balance strategy of a disabled person. The outcome of this project would be used in future for prosthetic leg mechanism development for disabled person.
Type of Work
Algorithm, Software system, Hardware system
Current State of work
Technology designed, but not yet implemented
Potential Applications
1. Designing computationally efficient profit maximizing auctions
Related Publications
1. Design and Development of Stable Humanoid Research Platform with Articulated Torso, RAHA 2016. 2. A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach for Dynamically Stable Inverse Kinematics of Humanoid Robots, ROBIO 2017