Language Technologies Research Centre - Information Retrieval and Extraction Lab

Search and Information Extraction Lab (SIEL) intends to solve major problems in diversified areas of computational sciences, specifically in the areas of Information Retrieval and Extraction, Web Mining, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining and Cloud Computing. NLP techniques are the tools of choice for this purpose.

Tools for Computational Journalism

Research Area
Information Retrieval and Extraction
News Personalisation, Computational Journalism, Language Agnostic,
Technology Description
This technology discovers patterns in a users reading behaviour for news personalisation. It leverages news content for better recommendations. It can also automatically identify unconventional news (Fake News, Bizarre News). Another major feature is the support for multiple languages and the language agnostic approach. It can summarise news in multiple languages and can translate news from one language to another for quicker spread.
Type of Work
Algorithm, Software system
Current State of work
Technology designed and implemented
Potential Applications
1. Automatically cater to users needs using implicit information: dynamically adjusts to users changing behaviour 2. Recommendation approach which is language agnostic: useful for multi-lingual news aggregators 3. Prevent spread of fake news: provide users with authentic content Faster spread of important events across the globe
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