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Lab for Spatial Informatics(LSI) is the only centre/group of its kind in India promoting GeoSpatial Research efforts at both system and applied levels since 2006, and has gained recognition for the same in India and outside. The suite of technologies that encompass this rapidly growing discipline of knowledge include data collection (GPS based field surveys, satellite imagery, etc.), data storage and management (GeoDB, spatial data mining), processing and manipulation (satellite image processing), mapping and visualization, data analysis (Geospatial Information Systems), simulation and modelling.

Automatic Water body Extraction from Satellite Imagery

Research Area
Satellite Data Processing
Satellite Data, Perceptron Model, Water Bodies Extraction
Technology Description
Mapping and monitoring of water bodies is essential in the current scenario of their degradation and extinction. Spatio-temporal mapping of water bodies aids in identifying the status of water bodies and further for their suitable management strategies. The technology extracts water bodies automatically from satellite data using Perceptron model.Compared to traditional methods of mapping features using satellite data, automatic extraction saves time and provide better results in mapping features easily within a short time.
Type of Work
Current State of work
Research published
Potential Applications
1. Surface water bodies detection and mapping
Related Publications
1. Automatic Extraction of Water Bodies from Landsat Imagery Using Perceptron Model, Journal of Computational Environmental Sciences Vol. 2015, Article ID 903465, 9 pages