Earthquake Engneering Research Centre

Earthquake Engneering Research Centre (EERC) was established to contribute towards construction of safe building infrastructure to address the large and rapidly growing urban seismic risk in India and providing solutions to the geotechnical structures. Pre-disaster planning i.e., mitigation and preparedness will have a good impact on minimizing the post-disaster response i.e., emergency, rescue and rehabilitation. GeoTechnical Engineering Lab which is part of EERC conducts research aimed at providing solutions to the geotechnical structures like foundations, retaining walls, tunnels etc.

Rapid Visual Surveying

Research Area
Earthquake Engineering, Seismic Vulnerability
Seismic Vulnerability, Tool, Rapid Assessment, Profile, Urban Assessment
Technology Description
This tool can be used by any individual to rapidly assess the seismic vulnerability of buildings in urban and other areas of India. This is an essential component of a comprehensive earthquake disaster risk management policy. Detailed seismic vulnerability evaluation is a technically complex and expensive procedure and can only be performed on a limited number of buildings. It is therefore very important to use simpler procedures that can help to rapidly evaluate the vulnerability profile of different types of buildings, so that the more complex evaluation procedures can be limited to the most critical buildings. This tool does exactly the same. It provides quick and easy assessment of buildings through a visual survey. The basic idea behind the development of these methods is to save and minimize the resources required for the evaluation of buildings in great numbers.
Type of Work
Idea, Algorithm, Software system
Current State of work
Technology thoroughly tested
Potential Applications
1. Rapidly evaluate the seismic vulnerability profile of different types of buildings
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