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Cognitive Science (CogSci) is an interdisciplinary approach to study the brain, the mind and behaviour by embracing artificial intelligence, psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy, and anthropology. We offer a PhD program in Cognitive Science. Students in the B.Tech, M.Tech, MS and PhD programs in CSE, ECE, CLD, or CND can also do a thesis in Cognitive Science. We have state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities like Tobii Eye Tracker, Emotiv EEG, physiology monitoring devices from BioNomadix and Thought Technology.

Exergames and interfaces for Neuro Rehabilitation

Research Area
Neuro Rehabilitation
Serious Gaming, Bio-Feedback Control, Exergames
Technology Description
Traumatic brain injury from a road accident or paralysis requires long term and expensive therapy. Traditional physiotherapy exercises are usually at dedicated rehab centers with expensive equipment or with gym systems modified for specific exercise and are not accessible for economically poor sessions of the society and importantly rural population. Many of them move to cities with family for 3-6 months of therapy sessions.The current sessions are un-motivating and require the doctor's or therapists continuous monitoring to access the progress. This neuro-rehab technology consists of an immersive virtual environment that integrates games and the bio-feedback control systems. The doctor/therapists get access to accurate progress metrics from the sensors and the game play scores. By making minimal modification to off-the-shelf gym equipment, rehab centers can be set up in remote areas and the data collected by sensors transferred to doctors for diagnosis. The technology is cost-effective, modular, and easily customizable. The systems can also be used at home by senior citizens affected by age-related motor issues.
Type of Work
Software system, System design, though NOT a software, Hardware system
Current State of work
Technology thoroughly tested
Potential Applications
1. Neurorehabiliation centers treating stroke, spinal cord injury, arthritis and age-related motor issues. 2. Elderly population in urban and rural areas can avail affordable scientific rehab sessions.
Related Publications
1. Power of Belief - a game for neuro-motor rehabilitation, WCNR 2018 2. Intelligent games and sensor feedback interface for neuro-rehabilitation therapy, WCNR 2016